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"RJR International Passports and Visas had the most professional staff I've worked with. I asked for the Bolivian visa, which is pretty hard to obtain. Thankfully everything worked out. Thanks to them and I'll be backpacking in South America without any worries. I'd recommend their services. Thank you."

- Romy Mendoza   Golden, CO

AWESOME! Visas and passports are intimidating and most people become scared when having to deal with the process.  Even with a great company like RJR International Passports and Visas, they can't do it all for you.  You must fill out some forms, take the photos and send it on its way.  This raises a lot of questions and insecurities which are deferred to the Visa company for clarification.
RJR International Passports and Visas makes magic happen.  Chinese, Brazilian and Russian visas all went smoothly and super fast.  Need a visa renewal or duplicate passport in a hurry, this is your company.
I have used other companies and RJR is head and shoulders above the rest.  Try them!!!

- Ted P.   Redondo Beach, CA

I have used RJR International Passports and Visas twice and both times they have helped me obtain visas or information needed to travel to foreign countries. It is easier (I believe) to get your visa in advance than to obtain one when you arrive in a particular country. Keep it simple, tell them your travel plans, send them the necessary/required documents to obtain a visa and that's it. Haven't had any problems with the business personally, so I would say give them a chance and see how well they work with you.

- Phil M   Denver, CO

The owner of RJR is the consummate civilized professional, ultra-knowledgeable, infinitely helpful, and dynamically involved in making sure that his clients receive the best possible service. He knows the  system cold, and he cares about the persons who come to him for counsel. He is intent on ensuring that a client's process ends in complete success--he is intelligent, amusing, and always willing to solve problems. Thank you Ray!!  You will not be disappointed with RJR International Passports and Visas I highly recommend this excellent company!

- Mrs. M.   Las Vegas, NV

I can't say enough wonderful things about this place! I FedEx'ed them my documents, knowing absolutely nothing about how visas work, and the staff guided me every step of the way. Not only did they help me fill out the paperwork, but they got my visas back to me before it was due. I will definitely use them again!

- Rebecca M.   Chicago, IL

This is the real deal. I never would have thought that I could get my passport in less in 24 hours.  How did they do it? Communications was great,  the person on the phone to answer any questions I had and helped me through the process all the way through. If you're trying to decide if you'd like to use this service, DO IT, you will not regret it!

- Dr. Sam Binh   Aspen, CO

This place absolutely saved me. I couldn't believe how easy and efficient they were.

Here's a tip for everyone: you may not be allowed to travel if your passport expires within 3 months (and for some countries, longer). I discovered this the night before my flight to Europe.

Fortunately, I was able to get a passport renewed the same day, but it's extremely important to arrive first thing in the morning (opens at 9:30am) because they can only make so many passports in a day. They'll have it ready at 4pm. The company work their best to get you your passport on time. Thank you RJR International Passports and Visas!!

- Timothy H.    Greenwood Village, CO

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