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2nd or Additional Passport

Processing Times, Forms and Requirements

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Additional or 2nd US Passport Application

Note: It is not commonly known that the U.S. State Department issues to qualified applicants 2nd or additional U.S. passports. They are legally issued under specific circumstances by the Federal government. Normally they are issued for the following two reasons:

  1. Applicant is traveling to countries having known diplomatic conflict with each other such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. If you have an Israeli embarkation stamp in your current passport you cannot obtain nor apply for a Saudi Arabian visa.
  2. Applicant is traveling abroad so frequently and to countries which require visas that they are unable to meet deadlines. An example of this would be traveling to China departing in 3-4 days and returning 10 days later, then departing to Russia 3 days after returning from China; this itinerary wouldn’t allow for a person to travel and get visas within the allotted time they have.

The State Department allows the issuance of the 2nd passport when evidence of such a travel conflict is stated and proven. This is achieved through formal requests and fight reservations showing travel intentions.

Description: The following must be true in order for you to use this method of obtaining a 2ND or Additional US Passport:

  1. You are in possession of a previously issued full term (10 year) US Passport in fair condition which still has at least 1 or 2 years remaining validity, or
  2. You are in possession of a previously issued 2nd or limited US passport expired or still valid and this passport was issued not greater than 5 years ago.
  3. You were at least 16 years of age when this passport was issued.
  4. This passport was issued less than 15 years ago.

Submit your most current US Passport as Described Above. Copies are not acceptable

Download complete and sign the US Passport Application DS-82. Be sure to complete all fields and make sure you date your form

Download complete and sign the State Department Letter form. This form is a formal request for a 2nd passport which is required by the US State Department.

If your request for a 2nd passport is being made for business purposes, submit a formal request on letterhead from your company to the State Dept. Follow this format:

  1. Must be on official Letterhead of the company requesting the 2nd passport to be issued in your behalf.
  2. Address the letter to the US State Department, Passport Services (no address required).
  3. Have the company formally request that the State Department grant or issue you a 2nd passport and explain the circumstances.
  4. Make sure to be specific respecting dates and International destinations and if you do or do not need visas to these destinations.
  5. Signed by appropriate company representative.

Submit ONE recently taken passport type or size photograph. Do not submit pictures with eyewear (glasses), headwear, jewelry, or with anything objects in the background, as they will not be accepted. Passport Photo MUST have a completley blank white background, without any other shades or tints (i.e. dark gray, tan, off-white). See below for proper sizing and examples of well composed photos.

Click Here for a description of the State Department requirements on passport photos.

Download complete and DO SIGN the Letter of Authorization Form(s). This form allows our company to expedite your passport and represent you at the State Department respecting your application form. Choose the first TWO boxes only and check them. The 3rd box indicates you want us to represent you but would rather the State Department deal directly with you when there are problems.'

Submit evidence of your International Departure date (flight reservations) showing at least 2 separate flights which validate and corroborate the need and request for a 2nd passport. If you haven’t made your reservations yet please let us know.

2nd or Additional Passport Options

Processing Time   Government Fees   Processing Fees    
4 Days $170 $129
6 Days $170 $179
4 Days $170 $219
2 Days $170 $279
1 Day $170 $399