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Our company was formed in 1981 just a few years after FedEx began revolutionizing small package services in the USA. Prior to this time, mail was slow and so was processing of International Documents such as Passports and Visas. Just like FedEx we have grown with our market, and each year we have met the demands of our customer’s needs, and continue to do so. Currently we are able to do US Passports in as little as 4 hours, and can do similar exceptional services with Visas for entry into foreign Countries.

Due to our national Geography, over the years we have been forced to seek out and find relationships and information which would allow us an edge in our marketplace. For example: We can do Brazilian visas quicker and with less hassle than any of our competition. We do the same with Russian Visas and Chinese visas, etc.

We also are one of the few Passport and Visa Expeditors which are Recognized and Registered with 4 Federal Agencies including the US State Department and Homeland Security. With these relationships we are able to expedite an unlimited number of US Passport all issued within 24 hours of when submitted. Other companies are limited to 15-20 per day. This is why they take so long to process their requests. All of our approved passport requests are issued in 24 hours of when they are given to the State Department for issuance.


There is nothing magical about what we do. Nothing illegal or hidden in any way. We are a State Department Certified Courier that has been expediting passports for over 36 years now. We have earned our reputation as a solid reputable company, and we are one of the oldest visa services with an A+ BBB Rating.

We are Honest in our business dealings and consequently we have been authorized or registered to represent you by many foreign countries.
The US State Department is one of these governments.

Call Now: (800) 783-8472   


  • We have been in business nearly 3 times longer than most of our competition. We started in 1981.
  • We save you money on FedEx shipping – only $22 each way
  • Your passport is issued in 24 hours guaranteed Call for guarantee details
  • We answer our phones. This may seem absurd but many companies don’t. And the State Department Passport Agencies have no public access.
  • Automated System – Our 24 hour automated system allows you to check on the Status of your order at any time.
Call Now: (800) 783-8472   

Our Expertise

Anyone who does anything for 36 years is good at what they do. So, it is with us! Every single passport that we expedite gets issued in 24 hours. Why does it take our competition up to 14 days to do the same thing we do in 24 hours? The answer is they are not as good as we are.

Either the government limits the number of passports they can process each day or they are simply over charging you. Our passports are issued within 24 hours, and we can do an unlimited number of passports every day. So, why pay more?? Starting at $95 get your passport in 24 hours – period.

Please note: The State Dept averages 8-10 weeks for normal and up to 3 weeks for fast service. They will not provide you with any support or updates and will return documents to you if incorrect causing additional expense and significant delays.

Our service is not only much faster than any other method, but it is only $95 more than you would spend if you appeared at a US Passport Agency. To appear at a passport agency you need to make an appointment and you must be leaving within 2 weeks and spend a great deal of time at the facility. To use these other companies you have to wait nearly 2 weeks to get your passport at the price we charge.

Thank you for your interest in allowing our company to help you get your passport. We have been doing what we do for many years and we are very capable of helping you with your travel needs. It’s Interesting to us that there are many choices available to you on the internet for expediting your US passport.