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By definition The concept of Concierge implies Representation - an assignment if you will, to be in charge of an outcome or a duty. In France, who touts the origin of the concept, it means to go before and prepare all things necessary as a Steward. This is exactly the way our company views this type of service. It doesn’t mean we try harder at what we do, it means we do it for you in a way which matches your expectations.

We call it Black Label. An age-old concept of being given an assignment and no matter what, produce the result. No matter what…

Emergency Travelers Assistance

The demands of our customer’s needs have perfected our knacks.

Here is how we see from your eyes, why our distinctive talents become an asset to you.

How often do your customers give you last minute requests which require your skills but you are unable to assist them because their document needs are too urgent for the request? We have found that due to many so called "successful" passport and visa services, which have successfully marketed your business, have literally lowered the bar on how quickly passports and visas can be processed. One of the bigger companies takes 2-3 weeks to do what we do in 2-3 days. Why? Simple. Their volumes are excessive. Their marketing worked. They have many customers. And no means of fulfilling their needs. It’s like an airline over-selling seats. The problem is this has become acceptable to your industry when it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to.

Additionally, these sorts of orders can be expensive, and people and companies will pay to receive them, and your commission amounts on these is much greater than on a non-emergency order.

Emergency Services are by default Concierge services. From start to finish your customers will be assigned a well-seasoned document specialist to ensure all efforts are made to meet your customer’s needs.