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Our company offers programs to like-minded Travel Professionals like you, who wish to receive commissions from us when they refer their International Travelers to us.

Basically it works like this:

After Registering with us as an approved Affiliate RJR sends you an email asking you to choose from several images we have created which are placed somewhere on your website. This is done by having your site administrator download the image onto your website from our server. After this is done the image will remain on your web page for your customers to see and click on.

Whenever someone clicks on this Image they will immediately leave your website and go directly to ours. And the great thing is we know where they came from when they visit us. So several things take place when your customer does this:

First of all we will pay you a generous commission for the referral (and just a comment about the commission – many companies like us say they will pay 10 or 20 percent and in the end they don’t. They whittle away at the costs until your actual commission is under 5 percent). This happens all the time and you may have had this happen to you as it commonly occurs, but we don’t do this to you.

Secondly, we give you reports on any orders or actual work as it progresses through our system. So we would make you aware of such information as

  • When an order has been placed and consequently received in our office and is being processed.
  • We would advise you of any problems occurring during the issuance of the passport or visa.
  • Once finished we will let you know the order has been shipped to your customer and has arrived,
  • and at the end of the commission month we’ll mail you a check and email a report.

About us

Celebrating 34 years in the industry, RJR Passports and Visas is a pioneer in the field of obtaining expedited visas and US passports. Our talented team guides your customers through the process of obtaining their travel documents and make the entire process effortless.

We also are one of the few Passport and Visa Expeditors which are Recognized and Registered with 4 Federal Agencies including the US State Department and Homeland Security. With these relationships we are able to expedite an unlimited number of US Passport all issued within 24 hours of when submitted. Other companies are limited to 15-20 per day. This is why they take so long to process their requests. All of our approved passport requests are issued in 24 hours of when they are given to the State Department for issuance.

Over the years our specialty is a bit different than most companies like us. We have directed our talents toward getting things done in less time than our competition, and we provide a more of concierge or hands on application of our industry needs. For example: we are able to do US passports in 4 hours, and same day Brazilian visas, and Russian visas in 24 hours etc., and we keep adding to this list.


There is nothing magical about what we do. Nothing illegal or hidden in any way. We are a State Department Certified Courier that has been expediting passports for over 34 years now. We have earned our reputation as a solid reputable company, that’s why we have a 30 Year A Nation-Wide BBB Rating.

We are Honest in our business dealings and consequently we have been authorized or registered to represent you by many foreign countries.
The US State Department is one of these governments.

Becoming an Affiliate is easy to do. Just complete the online questionnaire and our Technical Team will contact you on where to from here.

Join us now to begin earning these easy commissions.


Ray Priest, CEO


(855) 856-7357


   (855) 856-7357


Our Concierge Professionals are ready to assist you with all of your passport and visa needs. We offer a hands-on, white-glove professional service, which will be provided to you by a well seasoned Industry Specialist.

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As Seen on CNN
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