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We specialize in issuing Passports and Visas in as little as 4 Hours
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Fully registered and in compliance with the United States Department of State
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Began Business 1981

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What does it mean to say we are Federally Registered?

The US State Department has hand selected a very small and exclusive group of companies and their representatives to assist them in preparing and hand-carrying passport applications which need to be processed in very short order. To be qualified for this honor our company must maintain a relationship with the government which is in good stating, and that all of us are free of any criminal behavior or activity, and we are expected to be above average in “moral turpitude” and actions. We are all US Citizens in good standing with the Federal and State governments. For obvious reasons this is very important to you, and you can trust that the information we gather about you is held in strict physical and electronic confidence. In fact, once we have finished your order, the only information we keep is your name and phone number and email.

Our company was formed in 1981

just a few years after FedEx began revolutionizing small package services in the USA. Prior to this time, mail was slow and so was processing of International Documents such as Passports and Visas. Just like FedEx we have grown with our Market, and each year we have met the demands of our customer’s needs, and continue to do so. Currently we are able to do US Passports, New Passports, Lost Passports, Renewal Passports, and Children’s Passports in as little as 4 hours, and can do similar exceptional services with Visas for entry into foreign Countries. We also expedite Russian Passports preventing the need for Russian Citizens to have to appear in person at the Russian Consular location located at great distances from where they live.

Due to our National marketplace, over the years we have been forced to seek out and find Relationships and Information which would allow us an edge over our competition. For example: We can do Brazilian visas quicker and with less hassle than any of our competition. We do the same with Russian Visas and Chinese visas, etc. We also are one of the few Passport and Visa Expeditors which are Recognized and Registered with 4 Federal Agencies including the US State Department and Homeland Security.

With these relationships we are able to expedite an unlimited number of US Passports all issued within 24 hours of when submitted. Other companies are limited to 15-20 per day. This is why they take so long to process their requests. All of our approved passport requests are issued in 24 hours of when they are given to the State Department for issuance.


(855) 856-7357


   (855) 856-7357


Our Concierge Professionals are ready to assist you with all of your passport and visa needs. We offer a hands-on, white-glove professional service, which will be provided to you by a well seasoned Industry Specialist.

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As Seen on CNN
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